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Starting a Bonfire


Without service, discipleship, and opportunities for the church to experience growth in every area of life, how effective can we be at truly being an embassy of heaven here on earth? We specialize in relational evangelism and getting into the dirt with those that need us. Practically applying the principles taught by Jesus Christ, we lead by example and not exception.

Campcraft Gospel Missions
Outdoor Ministry & Local Missions

For over a decade, we have been using outdoor ministry to reach men and families with the Gospel of Christ and equip them for ministry service back home. Learn the essential skills you need to help serve in this effective evangelistic outreach. 

Preppers Pantry

Food Security for the home, in times of crisis, and for the homeless are essential components of being a good steward of all the Lord has provided us. This ministry focuses on developing the skills, knowledge, and resources to provide food security for the church family, those in need, and our neighbors in crisis. 

Preppers Pantry | Food Ministry
The Brick Kilns 

Modern slavery exists, and we have partnered with native missionary Shahbaz Shamoon to eradicate it in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The Brick Kilns are home to over dozens of families that have been sold to slavery- the Islamic owners allow the families to live in deplorable conditions onsite to pay off their family debt, which can go back generations in some cases. These families are Christian converts and endure stiff persecution, have no means of escape, and have just enough to survive. God has provided the workers onsite; we assist them in their labors.   

Bethlehem Bible Institute

We provide recognized ministerial training and credentials through BBI. Learners can earn their degree in Practical Church Ministry, Practical Outdoor Ministry, or Wilderness Skills & Leadership Diploma online or through a hybrid learning model with onsite training and quarterly classes. 

Bethlehem Bible Institute
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