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Jason Hunt

Jason has been married to Robyn for over twenty-four years, and they have four children, all of whom work in the family business and are actively involved in ministry to the nations. Jason is widely recognized as a survival and wilderness medicine subject matter expert. He co-authored a best-selling bushcraft book, has been featured in hundreds of magazines, and has written the first uniquely Christian survival manual, the Gospel of Survival all of which has been used to bring souls to Jesus Christ. 

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My Story

Excerpts from The Gospel of Survival

I want to share a bit about myself and, more specifically, how Jesus Christ has radically changed my life. I was born in Southern Indiana in 1978 and spent my first week of life in the hospital due to low blood platelets. My parents, young Catholics, prayed for God to heal me. My dad even dedicated me to the service of the Lord should I be healed. Little did he know then that God would call in this dedication twenty years later. My tween and teen years were spent with a seething resentment for my alcoholic father, battling rage, depression, and dabbling in satanism and the occult through my extensive martial arts background. I met Robyn a few months after graduating high school in 1997, while already in college, and we began our ride-or-die relationship. Within a year, I gave my life to Christ and began serving in the church, and by the end of 1999, I immersed myself in pursuing the call of God on my life after he called me to ministry, regardless of what it cost me. This reckless faith undoubtedly caused us unnecessary hardship in life, but it also provided the stimulus we needed to step into ministry the way Jesus had prepared for us. One night, after a few years of struggling in the work God called me to, my room filled with a palpable sweet scent and moisture. There was a heaviness in the air. While praising Jesus, I suddenly felt what I could only describe as a wet blanket drop over my shoulders and warm oil pour over my head. I felt hands placed on my shoulders; I felt the literal weight. In absolute terror, I went dead silent, not even breathing. Then a gentle voice, the likes of which I felt across my right ear, "You are my Reformer." I fell to the ground, knowing who had just manifested himself to me and who forever removed any doubts about His existence. I had just spent over sixty consecutive nights learning from and hanging out with Jesus in this tiny space.

Over the past twenty-three years of ministry, I've always been blessed with the opportunity to be a doer of the word, studying to show myself approved, earning my Bachelors and Masters degree in Ministry and Doctorates in Practical Theology and Outdoor Ministry Leadership. I had the privilege of being equipped formatively for the ministry under the watchful eye of my uncle and Pastor Jerry Kenney and my late grandfather Milton Kenney, a gifted evangelist, before being sent to learn from and serve with seasoned revivalists and evangelists such as Rod Parsley, Bob Fisher, Sergio Scataglini, Carlos Annacondia, and Charles and Frances Hunter who ordained me in 2007. 


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