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About us

One22 Revival Center is not a cookie-cutter approach to church. We submit to the Holy Spirit at every gathering, and we get out of the way as best we can to allow the word of the Lord to come forth and ignite dramatic change in the lives of those we reach with Gospel truth. Saturated in a spiritual heritage of revivalists and reformers, we equip our members to actively join us in doing the work of ministry instead of simply warming a pew. 

our TEAM:
Greg Laughlin | One22 Revival Center
Ethan Hunt

Evangelism/ Outreach

Shahbaz Shamoon Evangelist
Shahbaz Shamoon

Pakistan Evangelist | Missions

Statement of Faith & Core Values
Dr. Jason & Robyn Hunt

Apostolic Reformers

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Greg Laughlin

Pastoral Care Ministries

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